Fourth Annual Edith M. Johnson Golf Tournament and Banquet 2013


Please Join Us For the Fourth Annual Edith M. Johnson Golf Tournament and Banquet On Friday July 16, 2013 in Essex, Massachusettes! We hope you will come and join us in Ravena for a very memorable day. The tournament and banquet are an event to have fun, laugh, commemorate, honor and remember Edie, a mother, daughter, wife, friend, and co-worker; who has touched our lives and hearts and will continue to well past her all too early passing. More than just an opportunity to gather family and friends, this is an opportunity to raise money for two very important causes.  All proceeds from this event will be donated in memory of Edie to The American Heart Association and to the Skin Cancer Foundation.   American Heart Association: As many of you know, Edith Johnson died on August 1st, 2009 at the age of 47 from a heart attack.  Too many of us know someone close to us who has passed away or been impacted in some way or another by heart disease.  50% of proceeds will … [Read more...]

Boston Heart Walk 2011

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It is hard to comprehend that this will be our third year going to Boston for the Heart Walk. That means by the time of the walk, we will have been without Edie for over two years. Despite the passing of time, she was and remains to be an integral part of our lives. I keep her in my heart always, as I know you do. We do this walk because we love her. We do this walk because she will never be forgotten, and because we believe 47 is far too young to die of a heart attack. The more we can do to raise money for research and awareness, the better the chances are that other women can remain with their families and their friends longer. Our loss was tragic, now it is time to step up and prevent more tragedies. I hope more people will join us in Boston this year (we always have a blast, rain or shine!!). If you can't join us then please consider donating something, every little bit helps! Please click here to join us for the Boston Heart Walk If you can't join us but … [Read more...]

Boston Heart Walk 2010

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September 11, 2010.  Boston, Mass. Start! Heart Walk.  Team Remembering Edie.   This year, we had much better luck with the weather.  It was sunny and warm, completely opposite of our first walk.  Once again we went to Boston, assuming that Pete would surely be there this year (he does have an apartment across the street from the walk after all!)  but yet again, we were without his company.  (Sorry Pete, I have to pick on you... it's for my mom!) This year, we stayed at the John Jeffries Hotel across from where the walk is held.  Of course, we had one hotel room booked for 2 people, and a total of 9 people stayed there!  The front desk woman politely, yet repeatedly, asked if we were sure that we didn't have more then 2 people.  Dad smiled and assured her we did not (as Shane and James carried a wagon and suitcase after suitcase up the three flights of stairs). The walk the next day was great.  My Dad and grandparents turned around at the two mile mark and … [Read more...]

Edith M. Johnson Memorial Golf Tournament 2010


First Annual: Edith M. Johnson Memorial Golf Tournament July 17, 2010      Rochester, NY   … [Read more...]